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Ryan Klesko


Ryan Klesko


Specialty: Elk, Whitetails


Greatest Love:
God, family and friends

Favorite Lethal Product(s):

Field Spray and Activator

Meet the Legend

Ryan Klesko grew up in Orange County California with the same dreams of thousands of other young boys around the United States with hopes of some day being a Major League baseball player. His dreams came true right out of high school. Being called up to the "show" became reality and the big league slugger went on a roll from there by winning a World Series title in 1995 with the Atlanta Braves. His career also took him to stints with the Giants and Padres before choosing to retire in 2008.

His passion for children and the outdoors led him to be the founder of his charity www.bluerynofoundation.org which helps families with terminally ill children. Using his contacts from being a MLB player for over a decade has helped Ryan bring awareness of these children with many outdoor companies and celebrities.

Ryan is the co-host of Hardcore Hunting TV which donates its proceeds to his charity. Ryan can be seen across the country hosting events, making appearances, and holding seminars. Ryan is married to his wife Kelly and they have a son. 


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TV Shows and Airings

Campfire Stories

Here at "Campfire Stories", our show is based on the two most important aspects of a hunt: the story and the relationships. We believe what everyone says, "It's not always about the kill, it's about the adventure." At "Campfire Stories" we focus on the whole story of the hunt. We strive to make each hunt as successful as possible, but we focus on the total hunting experience: the building of relationships, the preparation for the hunt, and the stories that are a result of the hunt. Most of the hundreds of hunting shows that air today have the common theme of "we went there, we killed this" but for us that is just a tiny portion of the true experience. Remember the days where knocking on a land- owner's door could result in a friend for life? Hunting has become such a mainstream activity that the grass roots have been lost. When I grew up, we learned how to treat people with respect, to wait for the right shot (no matter what animal it was) and to love and take care of the outdoors. The idea was to hunt because we loved it, not for a profit or great acknowledgment. "Campfire Stories" is determined to show the grass roots of hunting; the friendships made, the mistakes that we all laugh about and the learning experiences for everyone, young and old, but most of all the appreciation of the gift that we have been given in that hunting experience. Our goal is to spark a memory for each viewer. If nothing more, we hope each time viewers tune in to "Campfire Stories" that they will walk away with a memory that reminds them of why they get up each morning and gear up for the hunt. We chose the name "Campfire Stories" because there is no better place to share memories and tell stories than around a campfire. We believe you can learn more about a person in an evening around the campfire, than you can in a lifetime of meetings. A campfire is one of the most recognizable images in the outdoor industry, because everyone knows all you need is a nice fire and a great story to make an evening unforgettable!!!


Pursuit Channel
  • Mondays at  2:00 PM EST
  • Thursdays at  9:00 AM EST
  • Saturdays at  8:00 PM EST


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