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Human Scent Eliminator

Staying dry is a critical part of the Lethal® system. Lethal® Human Scent Eliminator Boot Powder helps to keep your body, feet and inside of your hunting boots dry and odor free. It works by wicking away wetness from the skin and trapping human odors. Like all Lethal® products it is fragrance-free to help keep you invisible.

  • Works as Part of the Lethal® System
  • The Latest in Human Scent Elimination Technology
  • Keeps Feet & Inside of Hunting Boots Dry & Odor-Free
  • Unscented
  • Gentle on Skin; Velvety Smooth
  • All Naturally Derived
  • Talc-Free Formula
  • Unit Size: 6 oz. Bottle
  • Item #: 942467-6Z
  • UPC #: 00732109407212


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Human Odor Eliminating Boot Powder
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Flip cap to open. Shake gently to apply on feet and the inside of boots as needed.

For best results, use with other Lethal® ProHunting products.

Ingredients: Corn Starch, Sodium Bicarbonate, Silicon Dioxide, Methylparaben


CAUTION: Avoid contact with eyes. In case of eye contact, immediately flush with water. For external use only. Use on intact skin only.

Q. How does Lethal® Boot Powder eliminate human body odors?
A. Lethal® Boot Powder contains corn starch to absorb moisture and sodium bicarbonate to absorb foot odor (butyric acid), without fragrances (as typically found in retail products).
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