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Andy Cacciatori

Name: Andy Cacciatori


Specialty: Outfitting Hunting Consultant- Co-Owner of First Class Outdoors, we work with guides and outfitters, booking hunts in United States, Canada, Mexico, and South Africa.

Hometown: Acton, California

Greatest Love: My two greatest loves in the outdoors is bowhunting and waterfowl hunting.

Favorite Lethal Product(s): FIELD SPRAY & ACTIVATOR

Meet the Legend

I am a family man first and in close second an outdoorsman. I’m truly blessed to be married to my wife Randi Cacciatori who has been a great support for my love and passion for the outdoors. We just had an amazing little girl named Avery Rose who came into our life on September 9, 2012 and I can’t wait to show her the outdoors.

I started in the outdoor industry selling and promoting duck and Goose calls for a couple call makers such as Lausman Game Calls, Taylor Talkers, and Basin Waterfowl calls. I became involved with California Waterfowl Association and put on big events for them to raise money. As I started to create a name for myself in my local towns, I set up calling classes and gave lessons, and helped out with outdoor youth activities for young hunters. I became sponsored with Drake Waterfowl and they made me a Flyway Manager on the West Coast with years dedication. Mike Willey and I started a company called First Class Outdoors working with guides and outfitters in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and South Africa. We started with outfitters we knew and had hunted with and ones that we trusted. Along the way I was fortunate and blessed to become pro-staffed by BowTech Archery. We have been field staffed and have been working and promoting for some great companies such as Victory Archery, TruFire, Luepold, Kryptek Camo, Dakota Decoys, Drake Waterfowl and looking forward to Pro Staff and promote LETHAL.

During hunting season I spend at least 70 – 90 days in the field. I’ll start in the mid part of July bow hunting for black tails along the coast and then chase muleys in the inland areas of the local mountains close to home, and hunting big game in other parts of the U.S. When I’m not hunting big game you can find me somewhere in a duck blind or goose field hunting waterfowl from November to January. Me and my most trusted hunting partner and black lab Cash, are hunting hard for big fat “Green Heads” and “Honkers” though out the Pacific Flyway. When the Fall and Winter seasons are over, I’ll get out for turkey season and shoot in as many 3-d shoots that I can during the spring months.

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