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Raised in Valdosta, GA, Anna Vogler spent her younger days picking vegetables and fishing with her two older brothers during the long, hot summer months. Of course they would rather fish than dig in the dirt for food. Until her brothers were old enough to drive, they would walk several miles to the ponds just to see if they could catch anything. “I remember walking to three or four different waterholes in the neighborhood with my brothers. The most memorable place we went were the ponds at Valdosta High School. We would steal mom’s bacon out of the fridge to catch big bream!” Her passion for fishing stemmed from her grandfather who was an avid fisherman. Her first love was, and will always be, the large-mouth bass.

Although fishing was the primary outdoor sport in her life while she was younger, it wasn’t until she met her husband in 2002 that loading her rifle became just as important as wetting a hook. She had went hunting only once with her father when she was in high school. Basketball, softball, and homework took up too much of her time to allow another hobby in her life. Nevertheless, her one experience was enough spark to light a fire.

When college years came, she first saw her future husband in full camouflage with a bow in hand. She instantly knew there would be woods and a rifle in her hands one day. But it was the “snatching him up” part that she didn’t think she would be successful at. Surprisingly, she hooked him and reeled him in. Their weekend dates went from dinner and movies to hunting trips and breakfasts at Waffle House. Hunting a couple times in a year has now led to a couple of times during the week. Anna has grown to learn and love the sport of hunting. Their seven years of marriage has led them to new adventures in the woods and on the water and she cherishes the fact that they can both share their passion of the outdoors together.

As she continues to create new memories, she brings her adventures to life through writing and sharing her tail-tales with others. Her focus is not only to experience more and grow stronger, but to also gain the interest of others who do not traditionally share the same hobby. “The person I’m talking to can see my eyes light up when I share a hunting or fishing story with them.” It is without a doubt that her family and friends know she enjoys the outdoors. She portrays game pictures at her office desk, emails stories and trail camera pictures to other hunting buddies, and even acts out “pretend hunts” with her nieces and nephews. She feels it is extremely important to share her passion of the outdoors and to teach the younger generations and other women about hunting and fishing. . “Not with force, but with love and respect.” The number of female hunters is rising and meeting other female companions who share the same interest has encouraged Anna. She feels it brings them closer together and helps inspire other women who are new to the sport.

Anna believes that anything can make the experience memorable and fun, but disappointments in the field are what drive her to try harder and to never give up.

“I once heard a statement that has stuck with me since: If you caught a fish every time you dropped the line in the water, it wouldn’t be called ‘fishing.’ We would call it ‘catching.’ And the same goes with hunting. It takes hard work and dedication to prepare yourself for a hunting season or a fishing trip. You don’t have to take home a trophy deer or the biggest fish every time you go out. It’s your experience out there, whether or not you get something, and coming home safe that makes it a successful trip.”

Anna is proud to say that both hunting and fishing are a major role in her life. As the years go by, her passion for the outdoors grows stronger and deeper with each exciting new journey.

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