Pro Staff

Anthony Kleinwachter

Name: Anthony Kleinwachter


Specialty: Bow hunting whitetail

Hometown: Fargo, ND

Greatest Love: Spending time in the outdoors, whether hunting or enjoying other activities with family and friends.

Favorite Lethal Product(s): Field Spray, Field Wipes

Meet the Legend

From the time I was old enough to walk, the love of hunting and the outdoors has been in my blood. My family has a rich history of hunting, and pursuing almost anything including waterfowl, upland game, and especially whitetail! My family owns 300+ prime acres of whitetail hunting land in NW Minnesota on the edge of the Red River Valley. During the hay days of the late 80’s-90’s my family hunting party of 15-20 guys would average 20-30 deer a season. Over those years, many trophies were taken, but the time spent with family and friends is the real prize. Today, we spend multiple weekends a year at our hunting cabin, riding four wheelers, cutting trails, managing food plots and just enjoying all the wonders of the outdoors.

Over that last 5 years, I have developed a true love for bow hunting. And find that it’s becoming my true passion. As I continue to gain confidence, the next step in my hunting journey would be to begin filming and documenting my hunts. I love sharing my success with my family, and continue to try and get my hunting party more involved in the year long process. Many members of our hunting party have yet to capture my love of bow hunting, but our land mgmt. practices have allowed them to reap the benefits during the firearm seasons.

Recently, the deer numbers have seemed to have bottomed out, but are slowly continuing to rise. With this, we have been closely trying to monitor the benefits of QDMA and land management. We have been able to watch the number of deer rise, and through trial and error, we have successfully created multiple food plots.

As my family grows, I take pride in knowing that the work we are doing is going to provide the future generation with better hunting and land conditions than we had in the past. I look forward to passing my love of hunting on to my children, and will continue to be an advocate for Lethal and the great results I have seen.

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