Pro Staff

Dwight Jones

Name: Bay Eleazer


Hometown: Dutch Fork, SC
Favorite Lethal Product(s): Cooler Reviver

Meet the Legend

My name is Bay Eleazer, and I was born and raised on a small farm in South Carolina. I grew up chasing whitetail with my dad on our 80 acre piece of land, and when I wasn’t hunting I was fishing. I was taught to clean what I kill from an early age, and I’ve always appreciated the entire process from field to plate. I killed my first buck when I was 8, and he was old and grey. I had passed on a lot of deer before that moment because even as a kid I’ve always respected the animals and the need for good management.

Now I am 22 and a senior at Clemson University. I still chase whitetail and work to improve their habitat year round. My hunting land is under a conservation easement through the county, meaning it will always be protected as natural game habitat no matter what happens to me or my family (I think that’s pretty cool)! I also love to turkey hunt, and my most recent addiction is bowfishing! It is truly the best of both worlds (hunting and fishing).

I realize that bowfishing can be a controversial sport, and over the past year I have been trying to better the sport’s reputation with the help of my bowfishing team, Fishing With Force. This has opened many doors for me to broaden my horizons in the kitchen!

To my surprise, Gar fish has been my favorite to eat so far! The things we can’t eat, like carp, will get made into fish emulsion. That amazing organic fertilizer then goes back into the environment to benefit my game food plots as well as our veggies! I hope to always be tied to the outdoors and nature in everything I do, and promote respect for the animals we love to hunt and fish for!

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