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Dwight Jones

Name: Blake Bradley


Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK
Favorite Lethal Product(s): Bug & Tick Repellent, Field Spray, Field Wipes

Meet the Legend

My Name is Blake Bradley. I was born and raised in the great State of Oklahoma. I have been hunting since the young age of 7 with my grandfather and father. Now as a father to 2 amazing boys, I am teaching them about the great outdoors. I have spent most of my life whitetail deer hunting on our family land. But in the recent years, I am branching out to Turkey, Duck, and to Predators. On Saturdays you will find my boys and I on our land and on Sundays in church. When we aren’t hunting you can catch us fishing one of our many lakes as a family.

On our land, it’s truly amazing to see the growth in our deer and turkey herds over the past couple of years. With the excitement my son is bringing to the hunts it makes those early mornings that much more meaningful then before. With the additions of planting 700 pounds of wheat over the past year we are starting to see some big bodied deer. We will start filming our land management and hunting trips to post on our social media accounts.

I am excited to see how my boys take the torch of the outdoors that has been handed down from generation to generation and what they will accomplish with it.

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