Pro Staff

Cody Kelley

Name: Cody Kelley


Specialty: Hunting
Hometown: Louisville, MS
Greatest Love: Hunting/Sports
Favorite Lethal Product(s): Lethal Field Wipes

Meet the Legend

Cody was born and raised in Louisville, MS. He went on to graduate from Delta State University where he pitched for the Statesmen Baseball Team for four years. After his senior season, he had the opportunity to take a short dip into the minor league bus rides. After the 2010 baseball season, he became a Free-Lance Videographer for Primos Truth About Hunting TV show on the Outdoor Channel. After going back to Delta State for the spring semester and graduating with a degree in Education, Cody went to work for Primos full time as a Producer/Co-host for Primos Truth about Hunting.

Cody’s love of the outdoors began at the age of 4 when he began hunting with his Dad in the hills of Mississippi. His Father taught him the appreciation and love for the outdoors, and Cody learned that success was much more than just pulling the trigger. The hunts and time spent in the woods with his Dad are always Cody’s most memorable. Cody’s favorite time of the year is bowhunting whitetails during Pre-rut, since the bucks are up cruising, marking territory, and calling is at an all-time high.

After four special seasons working for Primos, a new door opened up for Cody. In August 2014, Cody went to work for Michael Waddell’s Bonecollector/ Hardcore team to be a Co-Host/Producer of a new Outdoor Television Show to begin Airing on Sportsman Channel in July 2015. This was a dream that Cody had always had. It was the opportunity to live, document, and share the passion of hunting with buddies in a new and exciting format that we now call Hardcore, produced by Bonecollector.

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TV Shows and Airings

Four Buddies that travel all over the country hunting together, telling/showing people how much the outdoors can be while capturing it on video.