Pro Staff

Davie Ferraro

Name: Davie Ferraro


Specialty: Fitness, Nutrition, Training, Hunting, Culinary, Outdoor Writer, Outdoor TV (Backwoods Life), Guiding, Public Speaking, Teaching, Coaching

Hometown: Tampa, FL

Greatest Love: God, All aspects of Fitness, Family, Friends, and The Outdoors

Favorite Lethal Product(s): Field wipes

Meet the Legend

I grew up learning and experiencing the great outdoors that God created for us with my father and I am so thankful for those experiences. I am proud to say that I am an avid outdoors-man who enjoys both fresh and saltwater fishing, hunting all different types of wild game, and essentially living off of the land. Hunting is a demanding sport, therefore I push myself both physically and mentally beyond my own expectations to be successful. What comes with that is living a healthy sustainable lifestyle.

I started out in the outdoor industry by simply starting a blog. I started writing about my success, trials, and tribulations. More importantly, I expressed how being fit made you a better hunter. I basically combined the fitness and hunting industry. I have been a personal trainer since 2005 and have helped individuals completely change their life. My blog turned into a business, Hunt Strong, LLC.

Shortly after starting my blog, emails started rolling in with interest. One email lead to another connection, a connection in outdoor television. This is my fourth year being a part of Backwoods Life TV which airs on The Sportsman Channel. I am involved with the filming aspect as well as hunting. Included in Outdoor television comes a responsibility of representing many companies and their products. From there, I have been writing for, Woods N’ Water Magazine, as well as blogging for Backwoods Life TV, Sportsman Channel, and Hunt Strong, LLC. I am also on pro-staff for Lethal Scent Elimination, Hunter Safety System, H.I.C.K. (Hunters in Christ Kingdom), Stedi-Stock, and X-Factor Accessories. I have also guided for turkeys, hogs, and deer.

There is one thing that separates me from others…it’s that I walk the walk and talk the talk, in other words, what you see, you get. Nothing excites me more than watching my clients, friends and family reach their goals. It is my goal to enhance the physical and mental attributes of men, women, and children in order to be more successful in life. For the healthier you are, the more accomplishments you will have conquer. I am committed to teaching individuals the ultimate strategy for lifetime physique transformation through a sound nutritional lifestyle, exercise, and culinary skills. I am proud to be hunter. The most important product that I can portray is “Myself”, and I do so by example.

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