Pro Staff

Eddie Edmondson

Name: Eddie Edmondson


Specialty: Bow Hunting, Guiding, and Elite Archery

Hometown: Richmond, VA

Greatest Love: Bowhunting

Favorite Lethal Product(s): Field Spray

Meet the Legend

Over 23 years of active duty service in the U.S. Army with assignments that included leadership positions in Airborne Infantry units, SMU, and Special Operations units. Served in numerous leadership positions within this organization to include Assaulter, Breacher, Assistant Team Leader, Team Leader, Troop Sergeant Major, Squadron Operations SGM, Detachment Training and Evaluation Sergeant Major and served as Liaison Officer (O-7 level) in combat, working with all branches of the military, DOD, and OGA. Extensive experience working with the Joint Special Operations Command, U.S. Army Special Operations Command, and the U.S. Special Operations Command; possesses significant overseas operational experience in the Middle East, Latin America, Europe (Balkans) and Asia. Planned, resourced, and executed hundreds of training exercises throughout my 16 years assigned to USASOC (SMU). Involved in numerous Special Access Programs; drafting, instructing, and implementing new TTP’s in combat operations in support of the Global War on Terror that have now become U.S. Army Doctrine. Awarded two Bronze Stars for valor along with four other valor awards and presented with the Purple Heart.

  • Began using Lethal products on a guided hunt in Illinois in 2010.
  • Used Lethal products as a hunting guide in Illinois and Kansas.
  • Continued to use Lethal products as a contractor overseas conducting low visibility operations.
  • Used Lethal products to defeat tracking dog and goat herd threats.
  • Became a Pro Staff member/Field Producer for Elite Archery’s Respect the Game TV show in 2013.
  • Began working with 46 Rail on research/development and testing of hunting clothing in 2013.
  • Continued using Lethal Products successfully in Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, North Carolina, and Virginia.

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