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Dwight Jones

Name: Gary Gillett


Hometown: Hanover, Michigan
Favorite Lethal Product(s): Field Spray – absolutely love the stuff

Meet the Legend

Born, and raised in southern Michigan, hunting and fishing have always been more than seasons for my family. As a youngster I began cutting my teeth as an outdoorsman, learning from my Dad, Grandpa, and uncles. We are a close family that are further bonded by hunting, and the outdoors. For as long as I can remember we have shot our bows all summer, we go for drives around our hunting areas, and nearby areas in the evenings starting in July, looking to see what bucks are there, and have made it from the previous year. We get together on Thursdays and watch Michigan Out of Doors, a locally broadcasted outdoor show.

I own, and shoot several guns, but my passion has been bow hunting since before I was old enough to legally hunt. Something about the flight of an arrow, the subtle sound of a bow, and getting close to the animal really creates a feeling I cannot get by shooting an animal with a gun. I began shooting a recurve instinctively, and then transitioned to a compound at age 10.

I shot my first buck at age 14, an immature 7 point. If I regret anything, it’s not having that deer mounted. From there they began to come easier, but not mature bucks. We live off of venison, my entire family does excluding the occasional ribeye on the grill. When Michigan put the doe permits on unlimited availability, I noticed a rapid decline in deer numbers, and mature buck sightings. At this same time, I was targeting mature bucks with a mindset that anything less than a 3yr old was off limits.That was a decision I made for myself as I wanted the challenge.I had some very tough years hunting few mature bucks. It did help me hone my skills, but there were several unrewarding seasons. Eventually my scouting, scent control, tactics, and willingness to go the extra mile started to pay off.

A few years ago, adding to my love of the outdoors, I took my photography videography background to the next level, and began filming, and shooting photos for the hunting industry, which has allowed me to meet some great people, and some fun opportunities. My wife of 17 years is a great outdoorswoman, who also hunts like I do, meticulously scouts, and is also a photographer. We have worked together on several projects, and still do.

In 2011, my very good friend, and fellow hunting buddy, and I decided to start manufacturing our own whitetail mineral supplement. We gave this the same dedication that we do our hunting / scouting. We developed a mineral proven by testing, and backed by factual research, that gets more return visits from bucks, and does, than any other mineral we tested against. We have seen on more than one occasion, bucks using our mineral gaining 40” in a season. In addition to the mineral, we offer custom scouting, where we deploy the tactics I’ve been taught, and figured out for myself. We have had good success with our scouting putting clients on better bucks. We have made some Pro Staff deals, but only brands that we have pursued because we 110% believe in their product, we are not taking on just anyone so we can appear cool on social media.

I continue to grow as an outdoorsman, embracing family, friends, ethics, and never losing site of the blessing, and enjoyment that being an outdoorsman is. I look forward to the upcoming season, and many more.

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