Pro Staff

Dwight Jones

Name: Glenn Harmon


Hometown: Lexington, SC
Favorite Lethal Product(s): Cooler Reviver

Meet the Legend

Glenn was born and raised in Lexington South Carolina. Growing up fishing with his Grandad and Dad every weekend. Mostly in local and family ponds, along with Lake Murray which was right down the road.

A good friend introduced him to bowfishing over 10 years ago, and he absolutely became obsessed. First buying a bow and reel setup the day after going out. Then making a platform on a small jon boat, and eventually upgrading to the Tracker Grizzly Sportsman Bowfishing boat. He is the Founder and Captain of the Fishing with Force bowfishing team shooting tournaments, and making youtube videos about bowfishing.

Fishing with Force is dedicated to making bowfishing a better sport and not get the bad rap of wasting fish. We use every fish and parts we shoot for either eating, compost, fish emulsion, and bait.

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