Pro Staff

Dwight Jones

Name: Jacob Kraft


Hometown: Freeman, MO
Favorite Lethal Product(s): Dirt X3

Meet the Legend

My love for the outdoors started at a young age, with the help of my grandfathers and dad showing me the ropes. From learning how to shoot by squirrel hunting around age 5, to now attempting to shoot a deer with a bow in all 50 states, my passion for the outdoors continues to grow. Along the way in my journey, I’ve been blessed to team up with Wild Edge Inc. as a brand ambassador, to help bring the industry the most efficient step system developed. I’ve also joined up with Bison Coolers over this time in order to keep harvests fresh while in the most remote settings. Hopefully my time in the outdoors continues to grow and will lead to a full time position in the outdoor industry.

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