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Jason Koger

Name: Jason Koger


Specialty: Whitetail and Turkey Hunting
Hometown: Owensboro, Kentucky
Favorite Lethal Product(s): Field Spray and Shampoo / Body Wash

Meet the Legend

Jason Koger fell in love hunting whitetail and turkey at a young age. Hunting has changed for Jason after a horrible accident in 2008 when his ATV came in contact with a down power line which resulted in the amputation of both hands. Jason’s strong determination and the love of the outdoors Jason was turkey hunting 1 month after losing his hands and successfully killed a Jake and that following fall Jason harvested a doe and buck with his crossbow. Before the accident Jason has harvested 150″ deer and long beards but after the amputation Jason remembers the true definition of hunting which is enjoy the outdoors not the harvest. With patience Jason has climbed the ladder and has harvest some great bucks and long beards. Jason has became the first bilateral arm amputee to harvest a bear with a crossbow and it all was filmed on dirt road outdoors. With Jason’s positive outlook he became the first bilateral arm amputee with bionic hands in the world. He has featured on Hawaii 5-0, CNN, Dr. Gupta, Apple commercial, Techknow, skull bound tv, addicted to the outdoors, dirt road outdoors, NWTF magazine, bear hunting magazine, the AP, and has became a public speaker and founder of Jason Koger foundation.

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