Pro Staff

Dwight Jones

Name: Jessica Dill


Hometown: Willard, Missouri
Favorite Lethal Product(s): Bug & Tick Repellent

Meet the Legend

Howdy! I started getting into bow hunting right after high school. I had taken archery in AG class in high school, but never was given the tools to learn actual bowhunting. When I met my husband, I got a Whisper Creek bow, and really started getting into hunting. I then bought a Hoyt Ignite and started getting into target practice. Later, bought a Elite Impression, and now how have Bowtech/Diamond Knockout. I have placed a few 2nd place positions at little 3D shoots around my area, but no first place finishes… YET. Next year, I have qualified to be a pro-staff shooter for Midwest Archery in Springfield, Missouri. I have previous experience in the outdoor industry, as I was a manager in the Hunting and Fishing section of Academy for a few years. I was previously a member of Whitetail Grounds/Stickin Dreamz, but I am no longer affiliated.

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