WHO: Kevin Knighton – Backwoods Life

WHAT: Whitetail Buck (134 3/8)

WHEN: November 11, 2020

WHERE: Wellington, TX – Texas Brand Outfitters

HOW: Hunting with my McWhorter 6.5 Weatherby Magnum rifle, we knew we could cover a lot of range. So we’d chosen a stand where we could cover a lot of territory. The problem was that deer could really approach from any direction. We sprayed down with Lethal Dirt and rolled the dice. Over 3 days we had deer do just what we’d expected…walk out in every direction possible from the stand. Also as we’d expected, we never got busted a single time. On the third day of the hunt this buck walked out following 2 does. It took a couple of minutes for us to get a clear shot but finally dropped him in his tracks at about 200 yards. It was a really fun hunt with great friends at Texas Brand Outfitters.