Pro Staff


Name: Kevin Knighton


Specialty: Whitetails, Turkeys and Alligators

Hometown: Branford, FL

Greatest Love: Spending time with my family and chasing critters

Favorite Lethal Product(s): Lethal Shampoo and Body Wash

Official Website:

Meet the Legend

Kevin grew up hunting and fishing with his dad in Florida. In High School he got his first introduction to television production and moved on to work at a local ABC affiliate television station for almost 10 years before owning his own production company. Working with Michael Lee producing Backwoods Life TV, Kevin has traveled the country chasing everything from antelope and alligators to wild hogs and whitetails. Kevin is married to his high school sweet heart, Vera, and currently only has 2 kids.

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TV Shows and Airings

Since 2004, Michael Lee and Kevin Knighton have been blessed enough to bring outdoor television into the homes of loyal viewers each week.  The guys work hard to bring their life, personalities, and experiences to the viewers that show what the average person goes through each year trying to fill tags and their freezers. Backwoods Life® shows even more of an inside look into who Michael, Kevin, and the rest of the Backwoods Life® Crew are on a more personal level all while showing the great hunts they journey into each year. After now over 12 years on the air, the guys have grown to new levels and are proud to say they are average folks living a dream.

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