Pro Staff

Mike Willis

Name: Mike Willis


Specialty: Bow-Hunting, Photography, and Videography
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Greatest Love: The Outdoors
Favorite Lethal Product(s): Human Scent Eliminator Field Spray

Meet the Legend

Michael Willis is 31 years old and is coming to you from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is the founder and owner of Bone Squad Outdoors. Michael did not start hunting till his early twenties but became a bow hunting addict soon as he stepped into the woods with a bow and has not looked back since. Michael took it upon himself to learn how to hunt successfully as he was not brought up by a hunting family. Michael constantly spent time in the field studying and by way of trial and error he became a very successful hunter.

When Michael is not hunting he is scouting, planning, and preparing 365 days a year. It is safe to say there is not a day that goes by that Michael does not do something related to hunting. He is privileged to be able to hunt all over and is very passionate about capturing every hunting adventure on film, as well as sharing his outdoor experiences with friends and family. Michael was raised on strong Christian Beliefs and continues to have a personal relationship with God and believes through him all things are possible.

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Bone Squad Outdoors

In 2010 a dream became a reality. That dream was Bone Squad Outdoors. Bone Squad Outdoors is an outdoor media and production team that was founded and is based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The main focus of Bone Squad Outdoors is producing innovative photography and video with cutting edge twists that is not often seen. Bone Squad Outdoors possesses Passion, Drive and 100% determination to stay true to ourselves and create an image that is unique and found only with Bone Squad Outdoors. We live by the saying “Create and Captivate” in all that we do a field and life.

No matter where we end up were always reminded of the true meaning that brought us together and where we are today. With work, time away, and life’s obstacles it’s easy to lose focus on what matters the most to us which is Family, Friends and Supporters. Without them none of this would be possible and for that we are truly grateful.

Bone Squad Outdoors travels the country in hopes of bringing the best Whitetail and Spring Gobbler footage possible. We strive on capturing every moment from the hilarious to the intense. Along the way we will entertain you with our true passion for Big Bucks and Long Beards!

Bone Squad Outdoors is a tight knit group of seriously driven hunters that are all about fair chase. They take it upon themselves as part of the sport to scout public and private grounds, obtain permission on privately owned land and farms. These men by no means are amateur hunters. Bone Squad Outdoors may just be a group of backwoods men now, but they show no fear, an unmatched passion for the outdoors, and are ready to show the hunting world what they are really made of.

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