Pro Staff

Phillip Vanderpool

Name: Phillip Vanderpool


Specialty: Hunting

Hometown: Harrison, AR

Favorite Lethal Product(s): Lethal Field Spray – I spray down multiple times throughout the hunt to ensure I stay entirely undetected!

Official Website:

Meet the Legend

Phillip Vanderpool is among the most recognized and respected personalities in the outdoor industry.  His passion for others, enthusiasm of his craft, and generous charisma has captivated a loyal following of fans and supporters for over 15 years.

Phillip Vanderpool got his start in outdoor television with nationally recognized and award-winning Hunter’s Specialties (HS) Outdoors.  Phillip contributed his adoring personality through countless record book hunts for the HS series, including PrimeTime Bucks, Cutt’n and Strutt’n, and PrimeTime Bulls.  In recent years, Phillip has continued outstanding success, producing the industry acclaimed digital and web-series The Virtue TV.  Phillip is at his best when sharing his passions, enthusiasm, and knowledge to inspire others to experience our great hunting heritage and share ‘The Virtue’.

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Based on the values of American tradition, we invite others to explore our Nation’s natural resources and share our hunting heritage.  It is our mission to inspire the practice of virtues in everyday life, through experiences in the outdoors.

The Virtue TV is an industry leading online series, delivering current year original content streaming exclusively through Carbon Media Group’s diverse platform, and includes regularly scheduled programming through, social media, and YouTube channels.

The Virtue TV also delivers original content natively through social media to encourage audience participation, engagement and promotion.

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