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Lethal® 2-n-1 Laundry Sheets can be used as an odor eliminating laundry booster in the washing machine or as a dryer sheet to eliminate odors. Unlike typical, waxy dryer sheets designed to soften and scent, Lethal 2-n-1 Laundry Sheets use an advanced formulation that works best when moist. The presence of water molecules allows for the attack of odor-active compounds that bind with odors upon drying.

  • Non-Allergenic
  • No UV Brightener

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Use our Laundry Sheets as an Odor Eliminating Laundry Booster and the Laundry Sheets are Scent Free in the Washing Machine. Just place a new sheet on top of clothes in washing machine then wash clothes as usual. Afterwards discard the used scent free laundry sheet when washing is complete.

Also for Use in the Dryer to Eliminate Odors, place a new sheet on top of wet clothes and dry as usual. Then discard the used sheet when drying is complete.

For best results, use in conjunction with our complete system of Lethal® ProHunting products – Field Spray; Boot & Body Powder; 4x Ultra Laundry Detergent and Shampoo & Body Wash.

CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. If in eyes: Rinse with water. Call a doctor if irritation persists.


Q. Where can the Laundry Sheets be used?
A. The sheets can be used in either the washing machine and/or the dryer.

Q. What makes Lethal 2-n-1 Laundry Sheets different?
A. Lethal 2-n-1 Laundry Sheets are scientifically designed to eliminate odors embedded in fabric without softening or adding a scent. Designed as a 2-n-1 product, sheets can be used in the dryer or in the washing machine, providing the option to line dry your laundry. The sheets are moist, containing an advanced odor elimination technology that binds with odors upon drying.

Q. Why are the 2-n-1 Laundry Sheets moist?
A. Lethal 2-n-1 Laundry Sheets are uniquely moist because the presence of water is a CRITICAL step in the application, and why they work. Moisture allows for the attack of odor-active compounds, binding with odors upon drying.

Q. What if my laundry sheets become dry?
A. If your sheets happen to dry out, they can simply be reactivated with a little water.


  1. Anna Vogler

    Best laundry sheets EVER for scent-free clothing! I love that I can use them in the washing machine as a booster! These are PERFECT for all my hunting gear!

  2. Clay Sopeland

    combine this with the laundry detergent, and you have a great recipe for getting in close on any animal!

  3. Tim Kent

    No weird scent after using these like other brands. I also like the fact that you can use them to boost the effectiveness of the laundry detergent. Low cling and effective.

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