Lethal Bait Spray – Fresh & Salt Water

Crawfish | Garlic | Salty Shad

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Out Fish the Competition
If winning tournaments and breaking records is what you're fishing for, then get Lethal® Bait Sprays (formerly by Jacks Juice). Whether it's freshwater or saltwater, Lethal® offers a wide variety of scents for all your fishing conditions. Specially formulated to penetrate your plastic baits allowing you to fish with less reapplication than other brands. For best results spray your plastic baits in a zipper bag the night before you go fishing.

You become more Lethal® every time you wet your line.

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Shake can well before using. To spray lure, hold can upright and spray until coated. Reapply as needed. The results should be outstanding.

For even better results spray artificial worms, grubs and frogs the night before and place in a zipper bag. Our bait sprays are specially formulated to absorb into the rubber making it last longer.

Lethal®’s Fresh & Salt Water Bait Sprays are available in 3 scents… Crawfish, Garlic and Salty Shad.