Pro Staff

Scott Evans

Name: Scott Evans


Specialty: Hunting and Offshore Fishing
Hometown: Pittsboro, Indiana
Favorite Lethal Product(s): Cooler Reviver

Meet the Legend

My name is Scott Evans and I am 25 years old from Pittsboro, Indiana. From the day I was born I was drawn to the outdoors. I was raised in southern California and spent almost every weekend of my childhood either at the beach trying to fish from the shore or walking through the Big Bear National Forest trying to find different types of animal tracks. My father introduced me to a recurve bow at the age of 7. I competitively shot through Boy Scouts until I was about 12.

At the age of 15 I spent a summer in Escalante Utah. The closest town with a Walmart was 176 miles away. It was here that I realized I was more at home alone in the woods than I was on a couch watching football with friends.  At the age of 18 I loaded my truck and moved to Escalante and spent my days exploring the mountain terrain by foot and eventually by horse. After a few months I partnered with a local business as a wilderness guide. Another wilderness guide in the area introduced me to compound bows and bow hunting and I was hooked. Most of my hunting that took place in Utah was predator hunting (Coyotes and Mountain Lions). I really did not start hunting for sport; I started because the town’s livestock was getting taken out by mountain lions and coyotes. However, the thrill of the chase, the tracking, the waiting, the anticipation all became an obsession but it still was not enough to keep me in Utah. I enjoyed my time spent in Utah but eventually I found myself wanting to move back to the Midwest with all of my family. I moved to small farm town in Indiana to be close to my family. I wasn’t quite sure what to think about all of the cornfields and the fact that the entire state might have one hill with an elevation above sea level. I did however love being with my family.

It was about 6 months after moving to Indiana that I met the right people and got invited on my first whitetail hunt. The first time out I thought “Wow, people really do this? This is the most boring thing I’ve ever participated in.” We did not see anything that first hunt but the next day it all came together for me. My buddy was sitting in the stand beside me banging these antlers together as I was trying not to laugh. One moment I was thinking he was crazy the next moment I found myself longingly staring into the woods watching this giant 9 point whitetail buck walk right up to our stand. I am so happy my buddy was the one hunting because I just stared at this thing in disbelief. I was quickly awoken from my trance when I heard that oh so familiar sound of that PSE Bow being released. That buck took about two studder steps and then found himself right side up with his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth.

It seems cliché but that day was a milestone in my life that has taken me to some amazing places and introduced me to some awesome people. I remember that day and that hunt and how special it was to me, and I believe that it is our job a hunters, fishers, conservationists, landowners, and avid lovers of the outdoors to pass that along to anyone who is willing to embrace it. I am sure that I speak for most hunters when I say that there are no words to describe the feeling the day before season opening when you are looking at your Huntstand App on your phone and asking yourself; Which way the wind will be blowing? Which stand should I be in? Will tomorrow be the day that…? (Finish the sentence). We all know that there is nothing like that feeling, it is a fire that burns inside of all of us.

I do not see hunting as a sport or hobby, or time of the year; I see hunting as a lifestyle. For me it is in everything that I do; the clothes I wear, the truck I drive, and the way I see the world. It has taught me so many valuable lessons that I have been able to implement in my work and also at home with my wife and daughter. My goal as a hunter and outdoors-man is to pass along the passion of the outdoors, help save the traditions, be a role model of the change I want to see, and speak up for what you believe in.

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