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Name: Sean Callahan


Specialty: Bowhunting, Waterfowl hunting, Upland Game, Small game, Whitetail, Turkey, Predator Hunting, Fishing And
Processing game as well as cooking and writing up recipes for wild game.

Hometown: Independence, Missouri

Favorite Lethal Product(s): Lethal Field Spray

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Meet the Legend


Sean Callahan – Avid outdoors man, Producer and host Of The Pursuit to the Plate, Blogger, Hunter, fisherman, And wild game processor and cook. Producer and Host of “The Pursuit To The Plate Pod Cast”, Founder of Southpond Waterfowl. Look for the podcast and wild game hunting and cooking blog on his website and on iTunes by searching “The Pursuit To The Plate”

Sean is a husband and father of 2 amazing girls. He is also an avid hunter in waterfowl, White tail deer, turkey, and all other migratory bird, big and small game; and loves to fish in between! Born in 1981. He was born and raised in Independence, Missouri by a family that was very active in the outdoors and construction industry. His passion for the outdoors started at a very young age. As soon as he could
hold a fishing pole around the age of 2 or 3 he was fishing, and as soon as he could hold a gun he was hunting.

He grew up bass/crappie fishing and hunting dove, quail, squirrel and all sorts of other small game. That same passion also exists in the kitchen, always one to skip past the hamburger helper box and try to keep things as real and “organic”( likes to get his own food) as possible, doing all of his own processing and cooking, and even putting those techniques to paper with his own wild game recipes he hosts on From something as simple a butchering his own white tail to making brats from that, or as technical as a sous vide venison barbacoa, you’ll find it by following along with him on his outlets. What started all of this is as he got older and upland game became more and more sparse, he went looking elsewhere to fill the void and his cousin Jeff introduced him to waterfowl predator and bow hunting and he has been hooked ever since! He loves to bow and rifle hunt for anything that can be hunted. He will go after his game in any way shape or form. When he does something, he is committed to it 150%, and has applied this attitude and passion into hunting and outdoors conservation.

More so than anything, he enjoys sharing his passions with others. He enjoys every aspect of hunting from introducing new people, whether it be kids or someone with little to no experience. He does this by teaching them anything from
preparing to go out, scouting, setting up, the harvest, cleaning and processing that harvest, and cooking that harvest to share with others!! Every single one of those aspects is just as important to him as the other. He definitely lives the Meat Eater lifestyle. He never forgets its always family first, in so getting his wife out with him and actually called in and got her, her first wild turkey in 2015 and can’t wait to get his two little girls out there in the field with them in the near future!

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The Pursuit To the Plate, : I produce and host the outdoor Podcast The Pursuit To The Plate, which can be found on our website,also i am part of a group of guys in Southpond Waterfowl that are fair chase hunters of waterfowl, whitetail,predators, upland and all other game that the land has to offer us. Trying to juggle the everyday things of family, work, and hunting!! And Always family first! We want to share our
passion of waterfowl and other hunting stories through social media, the web, and our up and coming hunting videos! Our main goal is interacting with other hunters and bringing in new folk and kids into the outdoors and trying to guide them in the right direction while sharing our passion of the outdoors to build and develop the next generation of hunters! We will be offering product reviews, tips and tricks of the field and woods, recipes and anything else to help share our knowledge and hopefully make others experiences that much better out in the field, and all the way back to the kitchen table to make your harvest into a meal fit for a king! Hunting to us is a lifestyle and way of living. So join with us and come along for the ride!!