Pro Staff

Warren Offenberg

Name: Warren Offenberg


Specialty: Harvesting Predators (coyotes, fox, bobcats, hogs)

Hometown: Perry, Ga.

Greatest Love: Jesus Christ

Favorite Lethal Product(s): Field Spray and Laundry Detergent

Meet the Legend

My name is Warren Offenberg, and I am 44 years old, and live in Elko, Ga. I was born and raised in Perry , Ga. , and in addition to my career in electrical and HVAC sales, I currently serve as the President and CEO of the GPHA, as well as coaching and umpiring softball and baseball at multiple levels, serving as the UIC for Dixie Softball for Georgia, competing in the competition Barbeque circuit with family, operating a welding and fabrication and electrical service businesses, and promoting the GPHA and our partners (Lethal, Ambush Firearms, DEPSOC360) at trade shows and seminars around the Southeast. I was introduced to the sport of hunting by my Uncle Glenn Duckworth at the age of 11, and have been hooked since that day! He instilled in me the strong values of safety in the field, and a responsibility for preserving wildlife and the landowner’s property. I spent the next 28 years chasing every game species in the State of Georgia to include deer, hogs, dove, quail, ducks, squirrels and rabbits. In 2008, I decided to try and kill some of the coyotes that were becoming plentiful around my home. I took them to be a dumb animal and easy prey, but quickly learned that this was tougher than I thought !! In early 2009, I met three other like minded guys, and we formed the Georgia Predator Hunting Association in an effort to establish a source for information on Eastern Coyotes. I still love to hunt every species I can, and through the GPHA have had the opportunity to expand my hunting territory as far as Nebraska. I also love fishing, cycling, swimming, running, weigh training and just about any other outdoor activity!!

I married my high school sweetheart, Wendy, and we have 3 amazing children and 2 even more amazing grandchildren. I love and serve my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and have a passion for learning and sharing that education with others.

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