Pro Staff

Dwight Jones

Name: Wes Burns


Hometown: Dryden, Michigan
Favorite Lethal Product(s): Field Spray

Meet the Legend

Hello, I’m Working Man BowHunter Wes. I grew up in a small Michigan town. I am married with 2 young boys and am very excited to share my love for hunting and the outdoors with them as they grow. Growing up I grew to love being outdoors. What started as a love for camping and playing outside as a kid led me to the Boy Scouts. The Scouts taught me many life lessons as a youngster, but the introduction to outdoor survival and shooting sports had changed my life. After leaving the Scouts I continued to enjoy Archery and other shooting sports. This lead into some of my early hunting adventures. My passion for hunting was put on hold as I went to college. After college I was able to get back into hunting and my love for the outdoors has been restored. I look to share these adventures with my kids, and hope to share my experiences with others. To help with this I Co-founded the brand Working Man BowHunter with Greg Bauer Jr. Our team represents what it means to be a Working Man BowHunter. We all have full time jobs, families and still make time to get outdoors and enjoy our passion for hunting

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